Tales from the Trail

I am fortunate enough to have seen a good chunk of the planet and recently even met my goal of soiling each continent with my presence. Not that my days of 16 hour plane rides followed by a day long chicken bus extravaganza are over or anything, but I have decided to see what the world closer to home spawns for the adventurous. Do we really need to travel far and wide to experience the crazy and out of the ordinary, or is the United States interesting enough right in our own backyards?

Now I truly don’t anticipate sitting on a squat stool in the middle of downtown Jackson, Mississippi eating pho like in Saigon. Nor would I expect the chaotic maelstrom of San Salvador’s downtown sidewalk markets to reign supreme in Osceola, Iowa. Then again, maybe those Iowans do get a little bat shit crazy from time to time. I wouldn’t know though, and that’s the point of this travel adventure over the next few years.

I plan on visiting each of the fifty states with no agenda or destination in mind. Once there inside a state’s borders, I’ll just set out and find something weird, bizarre, different, off the beaten path or just plain out of the ordinary from my every day life. We all know America can crap out some rancid stuff that just makes you ask what the hell is this mess. Turn on tv and watch Jerry or Maury, and you know what I mean. I’m not saying that every destination will be some sort of Honey Boo Boo Child spectacle, but I do hope along the way to meet some of those people decked out in muumuus and menacing Walmart on scooters groaning under all that fleshy corpulence.

Other times, maybe I’ll just take a break from life to scope out some remote area of scenic wonder thankfully far removed from the reaches of Grandma Mavis and Grandpa Herman tooling down the interstate at 35 miles per hour in the left lane in their Winnebago. In other words, I just hope to travel and see how the day unfolds.

Thank you Toby for helping me come up with a name for this website!

Off we go…

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