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Johnstown, Pennsylvania Part 2 of 2

The cashier’s look was some serious “You’re not from here, are you Mr. Schmeckelhead?” No shit! What gave me away here lady? Just give me my sandwich and fries so I can go hide out in the corner! I so wanted to just blend into the crowd much like I always have tried to my […]

Johnstown, Pennsylvania Part 1 of 2

40°19′22″N, 78°55′15″W This week has been a journey of discovery for myself. Don’t worry. I won’t bore you will all the sordid details, but just know over time I’ll let you in on it as necessary. OK, now you’re curious. I should have kept my big mouth shut. Damn. I’m sorry. OK, I promise this. […]

Sopchoppy, Florida Part 3 of 3

“Where’s your gourmet food?” What came next I probably had coming as punishment for being the obnoxious smart ass I am. Yes, I fully am aware that gourmet in these parts is spicy mustard rather than the plain yellow store brand crap. I can hear it now. Some woman of size with a cigarette dangling […]

Sopchoppy, Florida Part 2 of 3

Several rounds went down and three dollars later I still was no closer to that damn jackpot. I soon learned Bingo is laced with quirks and intricacies such as having to build a “postage stamp” of four numbers in any corner in conjunction with a row or two of five marked squares. Well I’ll be […]

Sopchoppy, Florida Part 1 of 3

Sopchoppy, Florida 30° 3′3 6″N, 84° 29′ 28″W We here in Atlanta commonly refer to the strip of panhandle Florida’s sugar white beaches as the “Redneck Riviera.” Whether this name is affectionate or derogatory though is up for debate. The water sure is amazing, and the allure of these supposed “rednecks” in their natural habitat […]

Newspaper Article I Wrote About Barrow, Alaska

Here’s a newspaper article I submitted to the North Slope’s newpspaper, The Arctic Sounder. It appeared in the January 4, 2013 edition. Enjoy! “Sir, Are you not getting off here in Prudhoe?” the flight attendant inquired after dozens of passengers had disembarked to begin another weeks long stint working on the Slope. “No, I […]

Barrow, Alaska Part 2 of 2

Jack at the hotel told me to hop on over to the AC Value Center to check out the prices such as the $100 turkeys and $10 Cokes. I gave him a blank stare and asked what else is there to do in town. Ever so helpful he suggested hiring a tour guide for $100 […]

Barrow, Alaska Part 1 of 2

71° 17′ 44″ N, 156° 45′ 59″ W, Northernmost City in the United States The sun’s passage across the sky seems to be one of the more reliable occurrences of our day. So I got to thinking recently what would things be like in a place simmering in 24 hour darkness. From these random musings […]

Tales from the Trail

I am fortunate enough to have seen a good chunk of the planet and recently even met my goal of soiling each continent with my presence. Not that my days of 16 hour plane rides followed by a day long chicken bus extravaganza are over or anything, but I have decided to see what the […]